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Brazed Plate Wort Cooling

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Wort Cooling with Brazed Plate.

Temperature Consistancy is paramount in Brewing Quality Beer. For Clearer, Cleaner Tasting Beer, Rapid and Proper Wort Cooling is Essential.  Three Killers of Quality Beer are Bacteria, Dimethyl Sulfide or DMS, and Poor Cold Break.  Better Beer comes from Quickly Cooled Wort.

These compact and economical plate chillers are very effective at rapidly reducing wort to pitching temperatures. Plate chillers are more efficient than both immersion chillers and other counter-flow designs. Save water and time while chilling your wort. Reach pitching temp in less time and reduce the chance of contamination.


Materials of Construction:

  Stainless Steel Plates
  Copper Brazing
  NPT Connections
  No Gaskets or Support Equipment
  Compact Sizes Minimizes Footprint and Weight
  Robust Construction

If you have questions about how a our Brazed Plate Wort Coolers will benefit your application, or would like a quote please contact us: 1-888-226-8522


Products Available:

  Model No. Length In. Width In. H2O Flow GPM Wort Flow GPM H2O Out F.
  B5 x 40 7.5 2.9 5 .1.2 99
  S06-40 8.3 3.1 5 1.2 101
  B8 x 40 12 2.9 5 2.1 125
  S12-40 11.7 4.7 5 2.2 126
  B15 x 40 18.3 2.9 5 3.5 145
  S82-40 20.8 4.8 5 3.6 144
  *Water in at 68F, Wort in at 212F, Wort out at 75F..
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Wort Cooling
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