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Plate and Frame Heat Exchangers

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Materials of Construction:

  316 Stainless Steel Plates
  304 Stainless Steel Frames with Zinc Plated Tie Bolts
  Tri-Clamp Connections
  Cooling Water Connections
  Optional S/S Tie Bolts
  Optional Tri-Clamp Water Connections
  Option Epoxy Painted Frame

For Clearer, Cleaner Tasting Beer, Rapid and Proper Wort Cooling is Essential.  Three Killers of Quality Beer are Bacteria, Dimethyl Sulfide or DMS, and Poor Cold Break.  Better Beer comes from Quickly Cooled Wort.

Benefits of Plate and Frame Heat Exchangers:
Close Approach Temperatures, Compact and Lightweight, Connection Variety, Easy to Inspect and Clean, Expandable, Cross Contamination Eliminated, More Heat Transfer Surface, and Reduced Fouling.



Typical Applications:

  Wort Cooling
  Fermentation Cooling
  Brite Tank Cooling

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